Gene was inducted into the Legends Of Vinyl Hall Of Fame. Gene has also just been inducted into the broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame(nov. 2018) as well Thank You

Happening 2018 is Our 56th Anniversary In The Entertaiment World of singing,acting,songwriting,record production, radio. TV. and building up Our Philly Recording Talent Worldwide 

Make 2016  A Rockin' Good Year 
Founding Committee Member  Philadelphia Music Hall Of Fame
PROUDLY iNDUCTED:PhillyTVRadio Hall Of Fame * Disco Hall Of Fame* Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Archives
*Broadcast Pioneers* Legends Of Vinyl DJ Hall Of Fame 

Giant Gene was named The Number 1 "Ambassador" Of The Sounds Of Philly"
Around The World  by Official  Mayoral and Senate Proclamations    
Gene is featured in recent books By Longtime DJ Jerry Blavat, Jim Rosin, and longtime Rock DJ T. Morgan
(who credits Gene with helping make progressive Rock popular on Philly Radio in 1967 with Giant Gene's Electric Scene on WIFI-FM)   

Gene Is A Lifetime Achievement Award Winner For Involvement In Soul/R&B Music/Disco  
Voted Philadelphia's Handsomest DJ By Discoscene Magazine   


Giant Gene shown here enjoyed doing what he liked the most on his popular AM Underground , WIBG, WZZD  and WCAU shows,istening to his callers talk about their happenings on his "rap-lines" (he originated that phrase) and playing their requested music or answering their questions on his Two-Way-Gene Arnold's American Scene. Gene also partnered with Ron Joseph (RJ) on both their WIFI FM, WCAM, and TV 17 and 29 TV Shows.

The Popular Philly AM - FM and TV Radio DJ  who played oldies, hard-rock and then disco long before they had a genre'.
Member Disco Hall Of Fame-DJ Hall Of Fame 
-Philly TV and Radio Hall Of Fame Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Archives Legends Of Vinyl

WPEN TV-17 TV29 * TV17


Thank You To The Senate Of The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania for Recognizing Gene with a Senate Proclamation
For His 50th Year in Philly  Broadcasting and Music


Our Award Winning Radio Series Heard Worldwide      

Gene has used a "happy face"as his trademark since 1967 as shown here introducing  the DOORS at a concert in Philadelphia




       Terry Arnold  


                   Our "Non-Stop" Original "Go-Go" Dancer..Terry
 Terry was his origina;l "Go Go" dancer at his first Giant Gene's Disco Scene Dances in 1966and can still "shake em down" today thankfully

A 2017 Sounds Of Philly Update

  Here's a very special "Giant Gene Soul Superstar Concert" broadcast with all of your PhillySoul Favorites,,,just click here


To hear more of your favorite "Philly Sounds" programs and interviews , Scroll Down this page and Click on your choice of current "updated" or restored broadcasts. To see Giant Gene intro your favorite Philly groups at the Spectrum, go to and put "giant gene arnold" into the search box.


Terryl Arnold

                                                     Terry is Gene's longtime wife,producer, talented recording artist and actress. Her new song  benefits     the USO and Wounded Warrior Projects

Hear The Song and  Download from this link to

Visit Terryl's Showcase Page and Voiceover Demo at

Here is one of her Country Hits.
 Vist our "Philly Sights n Sounds Scrapbook. Click here 
There is a page of Philly "Sights: as well as sounds you can see. Gene and Terry have recently appeared on the TV Shows Law and Order SVU,"Mercy" and "Lights Out"..Nostalgic? See Philly PCC trolley cars, Horn and Hardarts, and many other old Philly Favorites. Recently added:  a hilarious pic of Gene as  chosen by Joan Rivers  as the "Iron Man of 2025"  when he MC'd and appeared in a show with long-time friend Patti Labelle, Barbra Striesand, Hugh Jackman, and more stars than imagiginable.
To visit "Our new Philly sights nSounds"   website click 
In the beginnings of his radio career. (after singing, acting, and writing and producing music), Gene joined RJ (Ron Joseph) in late 1966 at WEEZ-AM radio, and then they rocked over to WIFI-92 FM in Philly, and created the Number One FM Sound in the city, performing at dances and record hops throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and nearby South Jersey. He called his shows "Giant Gene's Discoscene", and later, wrote for Discoscene Magazine. Complete Bio in Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Archives.

                                                                                           Click this link for
Gene Arnold's Official Broadcast Pioneer Biography***

Our goal is to educate and inform you of the very historic "Sounds Of Philly" that Gene was a vital part of by introducing you to the people who made it, and their ever classic recordings of their worldwide hits. Look for this logo at radio, and hear many of Gene's "Superstar-Soul" Programs when you see this symbol. There are hundreds of great programs there, so scroll all the way down

gene_ba.jpg (36633 bytes)

Gene was highly honored to receive the coveted "Legends Of Black Music Award", and , WAS AWARDED A PRESTIGIOUS "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his involement of writing, producing, providing exposure for, and being the first to play legendary soul artists, helping them to become stars. He was also recently named Number 25 on the "World's Best DJ" List. Europes leading Disco and DJ Magazine,Visit the writers and publisher at Gene is also featured in Wikopedia, the internets leading Encyclopedia. Not being on the air for all those years, (with the exception of our syndicated re-runs and his voiceovers on virtually a thousand  commercials on TV and Radio, it's great to be remembered. This site is our way of thanking you by bringing you the info you want about the stars, the music, and the "behind the scenes" facts about how it all happened. Ron's DanceTalk Magazine, published by Ron Bess, is another excellent source of dance music info. Look for the symbol shown above on to hear his many programs on that site.

Here are the current programs you can listen to here with Real Player or Windows Media Player.
Click on any show you want to hear


Terri Landi Show 2010: Finding The Masters Recordings Of  Cameo Records Boxed Set The Rolling Stones Boxed Set..more


New Songs: interview with Gil Saunders, new lead singer of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes


The History of Disco, in the words and songs of the stars who made it!


The History of Motown: Stevie, Diana, The Marvelletes, The Four Tops, and others talk about their hits


The Ojays Talk and sing their big hits, and play DJ with Giant Gene


The History of Philly Soul: All of your favorites from Philly, plus lots of details on the music


Time in a Bottle: The Man Behind Jim Croce, Maury Meuhliesen, plays and sings with Jim


NEW NAZZ-2 and OLD NAZZ: "Hello, it's Me" music, and a chat with Stewkey


Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell: Philly faves talk with Gene about everything


More on NAZZ: Stewkey talks about life after #1 hits, and his new NAZZ 2     A Philly Sounds History with Welson Mcdougal


 Gene introduced The Jimi Hendrix Experience at The Spectrum on April 12 1969. He MC'd him 3 more times after that by his request over the years.Gene also MC'd The Doors, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, Chicago, Steppenwolf, Frank Zappa,Philly's Original Rocker, Charlie Gracie, Bobby Rydell,The Chambers Brothers, Chuck Berry and most of the beloved rock stars of that era, and helped get local groups like The Trammps, Looking Glass, Nazz,Mandrake Memorial, Stone Dawn, The Legions, Almond Joy, The Driftwoods, and many more on their way.

Gene  is honored to be a member of The Disco DJ's Hall Of Fame , and The Philly Radio and TV Hall Of Fame, and a part of The New York Public Library's "A Decade Of Saturday Nights" bold Exhibit highlighting the people and places of Disco with highlights of the era well preserved and beautifully displayed.He is also a Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneer Member.

We also thank you all for making us so much a part of the internet music scene worldwide. Jody was right. People EVERYWHERE love "the Sounds Of Philly!" so we do it just for the fun of it. Thanks to good friend Marty Angelo for his efforts to keep Disco alive, and to Rich Levin , Bob Davis,(of and Dave Skalish, (Chief Technician CBS Radio Stations)who lovingly have restored many of our original broadcasts, and of course, to Terry, who makes everything possible, and Jim, Anna, and our friends at who are easily the best web creators and site hosts anywhere  

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